I am in love with the gray King Pilot! Thank y’all for making amazing watches, but also keeping them very limited! The only thing I regret is not starting my obsession sooner!
— Forrest K. Gott, Glendale, AZ
Hi Rico,
Just wanted to let you know that my watch arrived today and it is stunning. My Tag Mclaren is now in storage and i’m super pleased as I’m flying out to Boston on monday with my new killer time piece. It’s a real credit to you and I can’t wait for the Cerama when it launches.

Congratulations once again on a fantastic creation.
— Andrew Kerr, United Kingdom
Rico I just thought I would let you know my AI Black/Black model turned up today after I had ordered it through your website. I have to say it has well and truly exceeded my expectations!!!! Feels like true quality, very well made and great to look at as well. Also very impressed with the packaging, you have gone the extra mile there and it has paid off, you’ve guaranteed my loyalty to your brand for sure!! Looking forward to some new models.
— Will Dorrington, Australia
Received mine... Much thought and care were put into this awesome watch.. Can’t thank you enough.. It looks really really good with the canvas strap... This one beats the other aviation-inspired watches hands down, I really mean it because I have 2 limited series from the other side... Thanks Mr. Adams... Whats more awesome is that I have another Rhyno Outfit watch coming in February:)
— Taufik, Singapore
One Word. Flawless! I actually thought about wearing the case it came in! If you had put a sample of high octane fuel on a piece of scratch and sniff paper, I would have cried.
— Mark Rowe, United Kingdom
This is my first ‘Real’ watch-, Let me congratulate you for the beauty of this design.
I love every single bit of it, and the attention to the details left me astonished. The watch looks great and the box is fantastic. Awesome Job
— Andrea Giudici, Estonia
Photos don’t do justice to the level of detail and quality that Rico put into the packaging. The watch is Fantastic!!!
— Neale Fetterly, Mason OH
I received my watch today and floored!! This watch belongs in the case with watches 30 times the price and looks every bit as good as any of them!!!! It looks great sitting between my Super Avenger and my Black U-boat. Thanks a million Rico!!
— J. Kevin, Tampa, FL
Received my watch in Singapore yesterday. One word. “WOW”! Everything, from the box to the watch, is beautiful and solidly built. When our receptionist rang me, she warned me. “The box is heavy” :) Three cheers for Rico and Team Rhyno Outfit! I’m really proud to be apart of this. I’m already looking forward to more cool wrist accessories from Rhyno Outfit.
— Ann Boon Leo, Singapore
Thank you Rico for a great watch. The Hype is real. Even on my smaller wrist, you get used to the size and weight pretty quickly. This is a great watch and is easily worth the MSRP
— Stanley Zreinike, North Beach MD
Wow just wow! Mind Blown. This watch got balls! Seriously, after this, there is no going back to regulars. Everything else now looks like it was made for chicks or sissyboys. OMG
— Rasmus Rooson, Estonia
Hi Rico, Hope you are doing well. I’ve been wearing the Rubicon all day today and I have to say I haven’t been this excited about a watch in a long time. Thanks very much!
— Mark Boardman, Santa Monica CA
The presentation was amazing, the box is of high quality and the smell was hypnotizing. I eagerly open the box, took a quick glance at the leather wallet to see what number I received and removed the watch. You can feel the quality, what a solid watch and its a real beauty. Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!
— Jeff Mobley, Arvado CO
Rico! Just opened the box. The AI is Bad Ass! I love it! Well Done
— Milt Manos, Bellwood IL
Hey Rico, The US postal Service paid me a visit today. I have crossed the Rubicon. There is no turning back from this point forward. Just want to say that the Rubicon is well worth the wait. Anxiously awaiting what The Rhyno Outfit have in store for the watch wearing community. Thank you for this, and I wish you continued success!
— David Sopko, Monroe Township NJ
The watch is a beast, Great size, design, and feel. Good Job!!
— Bryan VanAlmkerk, Middletown CT
Dear Rico,
I received my great watch a few days ago and I cannot live without it anymore.... Thanks for this, Great Job! Cheers from France
— Thomas Bunodiere, France
Finally got it and I LOVE it!!!! The quality is top notch, and I love the solid sweep of the Swiss movement.
— Joey Natividad, Los Angeles CA
Absolutely fantastic Rico...this piece is extremely well crafted. So proud to be apart of this launch and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Congratulations Rico on this amazing accomplishment.
— Jamie Price, Calgary, Canada